Quality Sources

The daily financial news are often fast, loud and not interesting in the matter – just in a catchy and scary headline. Sometimes I have the feeling that moved sport reporters are making financial news.

On this site I want to list a different kind of source for investment ideas, advice and more which are of higher quality.


Investment Gurus:

“Tell me who your heroes are and I’ll tell you how you’ll turn out to be.” – Warren Buffett


Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway – (link)

Bruce Berkowitz – Fairholme Funds – (link)

Joel Greenblatt – Gotham Funds – (link)

Leucadia – (link)

Jana Partners LLG – (link)

Seth Klarman – Baupost (link | prefabricated google search)



Neil Woodford (UK) (blog), (twitter), Portfolio at hl (link) and morningstar (link)

RIT Capital Partners – (link)

Evermore Global* (Fund Commentary)

Squad European Convictions* (Fondsinfo)

Ennismore European Smaller Companies Fund* – (link)

*also admired by MMI (link)


Tweedy, Browne – (link)

KKR – (portfolio); (publications)

Forager Funds – (link)



Muddy Waters Research (link)

Citron Research (link)

Bronte Capital – (blog); (client letters)

Jim Chanos – Kynikos (prefabricated google search)

Note: This Graph shows outperformance, not performance!


Note: Looks like Rick Geurin used much leverage (link)


University Investment Offices:

University Investment Offices have the brightest minds in control, have a real long term view (in contrast to some funds ) and have to be risk aware. They also have a good long term track record and are diversified across different asset-classes. Some good reasons to read their reports.

Yale Investments Office (nice report)(link)

Harvard Management Company – (link)

Princeton – (link)

Columbia – (link)



EY Libary (link)

FactSet Insight (link)

Graham and Doddsville (link)

Ben Graham Center for Value Investing by Ivey Business School (link)

/r/SecurityAnalysis @ Reddit – link lists of institutional investors-reports and sometimes good discussions

U.S. Dividend Appreciation Index ETF by vanguard (link)

Magic formula (link)

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