Some links

List of “What You Can Do to Avoid Investment Fraud” provided by the S.E.C  (link)

From Zero to Hero and back – From $4.5 billion to $0: Forbes revalues Elizabeth Holmes’ worth (link CNN Money) or how Eddy Elfenbein from Crossing Wallstreet handled the topic (link)

Japan’s SoftBank plans to sell $7.9 bn in Alibaba stock to cut debt (link). Bloomberg reported last week that SoftBank is mulling the sale of its subsidiary Supercell Oy (link)

EQT (a PE firm linked to swedish Investor AB) acquires the “Building and Facility segment” from Bilfinger for EUR 1.4 EV (link)

Famous Bond Investor Bill Gross is seeking for Yield on Mars (or something like that, I don’t get it) (link)

Carl Icahn acquired a large position in Allergan  (link)

The paypal alternative “Made in Germany” paydirekt are not successful (link, german)