Update: Whitbread, Britvic, Paypal

Whitbread which I mentioned here recently came up with some good numbers (link)


Britvic had a Strong start to the year and is confident of meeting market expectations (link)

GB carbonates continued its outperformance of the market with a revenue increase of 5.5%.

France revenue increased 6.3% with the branded portfolio in strong growth

Ireland revenue increased 6.4%, with both Counterpoint and our branded business performing well.

The International division reported a 19.8% increase in revenue, compared to a 13.8% decline in Q1 last year and was largely as a result of a 14.1% increase in volume.


Paypal reports 21% FX-Neutral YoY revenue Growth and expects 14-16% revenue increase in 2017 (link)


Walgreens reduced its offer for RiteAid “based on the number of required store divestitures” (link)

will be a maximum of $7.00 per share and a minimum of $6.50 per share

Note: the RiteAid stock is now at 5,62 USD



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