Some links: Gates, WB, Fundsmith and more

The bromance continues: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett at Columbia 27th Jan 2017

The funniest part is this comment from warren about bing (link) about Bestinvest’s top 10 list (Fonds)

Fundsmith adopts a Warren Buffet-style approach to investing. Picking out consumer brands and companies that have the power to maintain and raise prices and deliver returns over time, with the aim being to hold them for the long-term and have very little turnover in shares.

Bloomberg: Hedge Funds Strike Paydirt on Actelion Deal After Tracking J&J’s Jet (link)

They backed up their belief with some virtual shoe leather, tracking the movements of the J&J Gulfstream since it touched down on Jan. 15 at EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

I will remember that, when I think the market is irrational behaves dumb.


A publication from CFA Institute about the Financial Market History


History is important to the study of financial bubbles precisely because
they are extremely rare events, but history can be misleading. The rarity
of bubbles in the historical record makes the sample size for inference small.


Cascade Investment, Bill Gates’ wealth manager (link)

Michael Larson is one of the most powerful men in US wealth management you have never heard of. He is the chief investment officer for Bill and Melinda Gates Investments (BMGI), and as such is in charge of managing Bill’s personal wealth through Cascade Investment, as well as handling the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust endowment.

It holds around a 4 per cent stake in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment group, owns 47 per cent of the Four Seasons hotel company and about 6 per cent of Bunzl, the distribution and outsourcing group. In August, it increased its stake in Strategic Hotels and Resorts to 9.8 per cent.


Understanding Pension liabilities at investopedia (link)

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