Creating a ToDo/watchlist for 2017

In this post I want to present a list of interesting stocks which I want to look at in the near future. I want to note the name and the reason why I think the stock is worth a look.

In my last post I mentioned Eddy Elfenbein and his new “Buy List Stocks”. I would put all of them on my To-Do list. I also will watch through the indices and look at the “losers” – maybe some of them are worth a look (a bad performance alone is no reason to buy a stock). The selection I did here is intuitively (no Solar, no Roll-Ups, reputation).


This are MMI’s 27 Investments for 2017. A lot of them are “reasonably priced” – he plans to increase his Admiral Group plc holding.

The biggest Index losers – screenshots

Some Screenshots from – this are the stocks of the SP500, Dow, HDAX and FTSE that have performed worst in 2016.



The List:

(Far away from perfect, to long and still in process)


Danaher / Eddy Elfenbein / frequently named quality stock

Bolloré / Ebdem, Muddy Waters*

Nike / Dow Loser

TripAdvisor / SP500 Loser (maybe just spin-off)

Regus plc / Ebdem, ProfitlichSchmidlin

CBS / 6 top ten shows

Coty / SP500 Loser / Reimann family

easyJet plc / FTSE Loser (BRK bought Airlines)

HugoBoss / DAX Loser / contra: fashion

Dt pbb / DAX loser / Valueandopportunity

Cinemark Holdings / Eddy Elfenbein

Pitney Bowes / SP500 loser / owned company previously

Moody’s / Eddy Elfenbein / owned company previously

Philip Morris Int. / poor 2016 performance


Muddy Waters:

*We value BOL shares at €8.50, which is 94.6% higher than its current price.

Extended List:

Axalta Coating Systems / Eddy Elfenbein / BRK?

Continental Building Products / Eddy Elfenbein

Ingredion / Eddy Elfenbein

Intercontinental Exchange / Eddy Elfenbein

RPM International / Eddy Elfenbein

Sherwin-Williams / Eddy Elfenbein / theconservativeincomeinvestor

JM Smucker / Eddy Elfenbein

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