Foot Locker, everything is running well

I wrote in my first article about foot locker:

Earnings per share in 2020 would be 7,19$ – I guess a stock of that quality could be sold for 15 times earnings. So that would be 107.85$ in year 2020. The price today is around 62$. That is a pretty nice upside of around 70% – not bad.


In my “buy” article about them I wrote:

Some more fun with numbers:

I looked at their debt situation to define a discount rate: Morningstar Debt/Bonds overview FL

They have a year 2022 – 8.5% bond outstanding which is currently trading at 4.93% yield to maturity. I assumed a 6.5% discount rate for the equity.

I calculated with the assumed sell price for the year 2020 which I see at 107,85$ (of course things could turn out quite different). I discounted this price with a rate of 6,5% and came up with a “net present value” of about 82$. (note: this calculation does not include or consider dividends).

Discount Rate
2020 107,85
2019 100,83
2018 94,28
2017 88,15
2016 82,42
NPV 82,42
Current price 63,2
Upside 30%

Bottom line:

Considering the stock is now somewhere around 60 US$, this produces a 30% upside. So I bought a small amount.


Lets summarise this:

Foot Locker was at 63.0 USD when I bought it

Foot locker is now at 73.68 USD

I estimated the y2020 value of FL 107.85 USD (NPV of that was 82,42 for me)

I thought a PE of 15 would be fair


What happend at FL in the mean time:

The 3Q2016 reads like this:

Net income for the Company’s third quarter ended October 29, 2016 was $ 157
million, or $1.17 per share, compared with net income of $80 million, or $0.57 per share in the same period of 2015.
Third quarter comparable – store sales increased 4.7percent.
Wow! That sounds healty!

Year-To-Date ResultsNet income for the Company’s firstninemonths of the year increased to $475million, or $3.50per share, compared to net income of $383million, or $2.71$ per share, for the corresponding period in 2015.
The Company’s cash totaled $865 million, while the debt on its balance sheet was $128 million.
The Company spent $76.3 million to repurchase 1.15 million shares during the quarter
and paid a quarterly dividend of $0.275.
During the third quarter, the Company opened 21 new stores, remodeled or relocated 40 stores, and closed 28 stores.
What I also like is that their Non-GAAP Numbers are even lower than their GAAP.


This sounds good, but i expected “good”… and paid for “good/growth”. Lets see what christmas will bring ;). Looking forward to the 4Q numbers!
FL at the moment is a “hold” for me.


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