Portfolio News:

I recently bought a small amount of Britvic shares.

I have currently an active order for whitbread plc (costa coffee and Premier Inn).



Quality Sources:

MMI from valueandopportunity.com has postet a link about a British Investment Manager – Neil Woodford. I never heard of him before. He outperformed the FTSE (see pic 2 in the article). Since I’m interested in GB now, im very happy having a new source of information about britain. The guys at Woodford-Funds even run an own blog.

The Bloomberg article mentiond on valueandopportunity (link)

Woodford Blog (link)

Portfolio at hl (link) and at morningstar (link)

Woodford at Twitter (link)


Note: His Top holdings are well known British Blue Chips like AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and British American Tobacco.


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