Some links and a game

The “BetterInvesting Magazine” Releases July Stock to Study and Undervalued Stock Choices for Investors’ Informational and Educational Use. They liked Foot Locker and Stericycle. (link)

Tim McAleenan Jr.wrote about what to think about Bayer’s $62 billion all-cash offer for Monsanto (link)

The $122 per share offer, despite being a 37% premium compared to Monsanto’s May 9th closing price, still represents an attractive takeover point for Bayer.

Tim McAleenan Jr. likes Sherwin Williams (link)

A nice collection of Charlie Munger Quotes (link)

Someone will always be getting richer faster than you. This is not a tragedy.

Dividend Growth Investor likes Target Corporation (link)

Bloombergs “The Trading Game”. At the end it shows you which stock you were trading. Don’t know if this means to deter people from Daytrading and Chart Analysis but I lost a lot of money. Feel free to post your score as comment. (link)

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