amazon annual

You can find the 2015 letter to shareholders here.

Some noteable quotes and my coments:

They startet as online-bookshop, changed this to an everything-onlineshop, upgraded this to a logistic service for merchants (marktplace) … founded an IT/Cloud-Service-company out of nowere (AWS) … establisht a membership-service with Music and Movies … grew their revenue ~20% last year … Amazon in general clearly is an interesting company.

We want Prime to be such a good value, you’d be irresponsible not to be a member.

They are using tactics similar to Costco (a company witch Charlie Munger admires)

We took two big swings and missed – with Auctions and zShops – before we launched Marketplace

They also missed with their phone and tablets.

Many companies describe themselves as customer-focused, but few walk the walk. Most big technology companies are competitor focused. They see what others are doing, and then work to fast follow. In contrast, 90 to 95% of what we build in AWS is driven by what customers tell us they want. A good example is our new database engine, Amazon Aurora. Customers have been frustrated by the proprietary nature, high cost, and licensing terms of traditional, commercial-grade database providers.

Seems that they they are attacking SAP and Oracle

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