vivendi sa: some notes to myself

lets look at vivendi’s Group structure and make a simple sum-of-parts

Mainly Media Operations 100%

  • Universal Music
  • canal+
  • Dailymotion (90%)


  • Ubisoft 15,90%
  • Gameloft 29,86%


  • Telecom Italia 24,90%
  • Telefonica 0,95%


  • Fnac 15%


Dailymotion valuation, quick and dirty…

Vivendi today acquired from Orange an 80% stake in Dailymotion, one of the biggest aggregation and distribution platforms in the world, for 217 million euros.

So I would assume the 90% stake they hold now is worth around mio.225€

Listed Companies market capitalisation:

Telecom Italia has a MC of about 12 bil. € (current stock price € 0,896)

Telefonica has a MC of about 49,2 bil. € (current stock price € 9,844)

Ubisoft has a MC of about 3,0 bil. € (current stock price € 26,695)

Gameloft has a MC of about 0,633 bil. € (current stock price € 7,473)

Fnac has a MC of about 0,911 bil. € (current stock price € 54,60)



The newest one from 11 April 2016:

Vivendi has agreed to subscribe to a reserved capital increase for a total amount of €159 million at a price of €54.0 per share, representing Fnac’s closing share price on April 8, 2016. Following completion of the capital increase transaction, Vivendi will own approximately 15% of Fnac’s share capital and voting rights.

Fnac is comparable to german Mediamarkt/Saturn or, I think, BestBuy in the US.


Information from the Q4-2015 presentation (link)


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